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This event will be a rare chance to explore the museum after hours, with a special night of Music and Art curated by artist Joe Shone and Niki Kohandel. How do music boxes act as a unique form of music storage, how do we listen to them, and what emotions do we bring as listeners?


The event will include...


 ...a performance of a hand-punched song written for the paper music box by Joe,

...a film and accompanying handmade Zoetrope by Niki, with a score by Joe Shone,

...and a selection of objects and recordings from the Museum’s collection, including the chance to hear a 19th century Polyphon play its love song that is waiting to be heard.


Joe invites you to bring a music box you have at home to perform its song to a small audience during the event. Otherwise, all you need to bring are your ears and an open heart.

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