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Pollock's Toy Museum Artist Residency Programme


Current Artist: Yu-Ching,


Artwork by Yu-Ching

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Pollocks Toy Museum artist residency program aims to support and inspire artist who want to connect with the collection at the museum. The current artist is:


 Yu-Ching     @yuchingchiu.illustration

Yu-Ching Chiu is a Taiwanese illustrator currently based in the UK, who graduated from Cambridge School of Art with an MA degree in Illustration and Book Arts. She is passionate about sequential art and loves working with a mixture of digital and analogue methods. The use of metaphors with narrative is commonly seen in her work and her recent project, a silent crossover picture book, has won a Merit award in 3x3 International Illustration Show No.19. In addition to her practice as an illustrator and designer, she also enjoys working in the educational field and has been running art workshops especially for children since completing an MA degree in Art Education.


“To me, toys are like a miniature reality for children, which sometimes can be over idealised and falsely represented. The inaccurate wonderfulness in it always fascinates me so much that I want to explore the concept through visual storytelling. The artist residency programme is a great opportunity for me to continue the exploration with all the inspiring collections, and I am very excited about creating work that connects to my background as an illustrator, a designer and an art educator.”

More about her experience and works can be found at her website:

Or you can follow her on Instagram: @yuchingchiu.illustration

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