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Past Artists in Residence at Pollock's Toy Museum
Archive 2022

We are in the early stages of the residency programme at Pollock's and are delighted to have already welcomed 4 artists this year! This page is dedicated to past artists.


About Violeta Bravo - Artist in residence Spring/summer 2022

'I am a visual artist with a focus on drawing, painting, installation and printmaking. My work explores the complexity of humankind's relationship with the ecosystems within which we live, reflecting upon our sense of self, nature and inhabiting habits, getting to understand how the Anthropocene is affecting both the planet and the individual. As such, I have a deep fascination with biology, zoology and botanical research. From an ongoing process of fragmentation and reconstruction, I reflect upon the internal-external dialogue and the dichotomies in ourselves, observing with curiosity the highlights and dark corners and getting to understand reality and myself in the process. As such, my ongoing research is an intersection between the natural sciences and mental health and identity studies, example of it is my latest series “Visual Diary”.'


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