Polish Papercuts with Chloe Campbell

Monday 4th April 2022 6-8pm


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Join Chloe Campbell, an artist specialising in the art of paper-cutting, for this 2 hour evening class where we will be taking inspiration from the art of Polish paper-cuts as well as other paper-cut examples in our Museum collection. Chloe will teach you how to cut with precision and care for the most elegant composition.

Did you know? Wycinanki pronounced “Vee-chee-non-kee” is the Polish word for ”cut-paper design.” They often depicted scenes from daily life, such as weddings or holidays. Wycinanki are layered and all the different colours are pieces of paper glued on. Some cutouts were traditionally done with sheep shears instead of scissors.

This workshop will focus on...


-Learning a  range of  paper-cutting techniques,


-Cutting/designing your paper cut inspired by our collection, Chloe's teaching and observations from life,

The workshop includes:

-2 hour workshop with Chloe Campbell,

-Entry to the Museum (RRP £9),

-A paper-cutting kit (scalpel, spare blades, cutting mat and papercutting guide RRP £20)

Ticket price: £45.00 (Book using calendar above!)

Suitable for 15 yrs above (can be dropped off and picked up at the end)

Please note medical scalpels will be used during this workshop. 

If you have any questions please contact Emily on info.pollockstoymuseum@gmail.com

Chloe demonstrating her paper-cutting technqiue!