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Pollock's Toy Theatre arrives in Bristol

You can see Pollock’s represented in a new exhibition at The Stradling Collection in Bristol, with a ‘Neptune’ toy theatre displaying the final scene from The Miller and his Men, the classic toy theatre play where the villains are blown up in an exploding windmill in the final scene.

The exhibition includes toys, automata and story-telling objects from the Stradling Collection of modern craft and design. Among them are many enchanting painted and articulated wooden sculpture/toys by Sam Smith, whose work was shown at Pollock’s in 2003.

While Pollock’s is in a transitional state this year between leaving its old home and looking for a new one, we are planning our own pop-ups and happy to lend items to exhibitions elsewhere.

Toys and Tales exhibition at The Stradling Collection

Saturday 25 March – Saturday 13 May 2023


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