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Redington's Rooms to Let

Two small wooden dolls houses with printed fronts in pink and yellow, one open contaning a small toy mouse in a blue Victorian gown.
Redington's Rooms To Let, the perfect abode for every stylish little Victorian mouse.

These little houses were first produced in wood by Pollocks Toy Museum shop in the 1960s using paper dolls house fronts from the 1860s, published by Benjamin Pollock’s father in law John Redington.

Redington was the original proprietor of the little shop in Hoxton Street, which later became famous as Benjamin Pollock’s. Apart from Toy theatres Redington dealt in a cornucopia of cheap articles, from jewellery, bats and balls, violin strings and bottles of ink, to his own productions of printed items including theatrical portraits,  paper soldiers, forts, draughts boards, scrapbook scraps and ‘ROOMS TO LET’ signs.

The pink fronted Redington Rooms To Let House pictured partially slid open surrounded by other items from the shop
The houses hav a decorated front panel which slides up and out fully revealing two rooms to decorate

The new editions are a little larger than the originals and made by talented artisan carpenter Jack Tolly. The houses have been decorated by the toy museum elves with paper fronts using the 1960s hand colouring.

Jack Tolly is a London-based designer and furniture maker who has been crafting traditional wooden stages for Pollock's Toy Museum theatres for several years and we are delighted to have comissioned him to make these limited edition Redington's dolls houses.

There are 9 limited edition houses in the 2023/4 production run and they are currently available for sale exclusively in the pop-up shop at Leadenhall Market.

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