Pollock's Toy Museum is delighted to present our new 'Harlequin' enamel pin! Designed in collaboration with london based superstore, MINK, from Harlequin characters in the Museum archive. This pin is a loving celebration of Pollock's Toy Museum and our history.  Lively, cheerful and frolicsome is he! Pin him to your lapel and find a spring in your step!


Pollock's is a family run, independent Museum and we rely on your support to stay open and thriving. By working with designers and artist's such as MINK on new merchandise like this pin, we aim to offer our community special products which double up as a show of support for Pollock's. 


With its origins in the Commedia dell'Arte of the 16th Century, Harlequin has represented a combination of humour and sadness, romance and entertainment. The Harlequin was a valet or servant, and acted as the comic relief.


In the shows Harlequin has the power to create stage magic in cahoots with offstage craftsmen who operated trick scenery. Armed with a magic sword or bat, Harlequin treated his weapon as a wand, striking the scenery and objects to transform the set!

He is very important to Pollock's Toy museum as the popularity of the toy theatre coincided with the rise of the Harlequinade in the mid 1800s. In the early days of the museum in the 1960s, David Bowie was a regular visitor, and it's not too much of a leap to see where he may have got some of his inspiration for some of his stage outfits!


The pin is incredibly detailed with sparkling gold outline and sumptious enamel colouring. You can see each ruffle, each finger and eyes poking out of his mask!


  • The pin is approx 4.5 cm x 2.5cm. 
  • There are two red, rubber clasp attachments on the back for firm grip and no wriggling.
  • Gold backing embossed with 'Pollock's Toy Museum' and 'MINK'.
  • Attached to black and white mini stage backing card.



Harlequin Enamel Pin