Specially adapted in 2022 from the Pollock's original Richardson's Booth to celebrate Mr Punch's 360th birthday in the UK.  This booth comes with newly illustrated Punch & Judy characters drawn by London artist Jack Fawdry Tatham who is also the great-grandson of the Pollock's Toy Museum founder, Marguerite Fawdry.


This booth comes as a booklet with instructions and guidance on how to construct it and perform a show. Glue and scissors not included. 


  • The booklet measures approx 21cm x 24cm.
  • The constructed theatre measures approx  21cm (width) x 26cm (height) x 18cm (depth)
  • Includes instructions, characters (Punch, Judy, Crocodile, the Devil, Policeman, Clown and audience members)
  • Printed in the UK




Punch and Judy Booth