Regency Toy Theatre 

with Sleeping Beauty play

This beautiful paper theatre has been reproduced from the Pollock's archive. The deconstructed theatre comes as a booklet containing 18 pages for you to cut out and construct at home. With a proscenium front that folds out to become a three dimensional theatre and the play "Sleeping Beauty" with jolly characters, atmospheric backdrops and a script, you can perform the play at home! 

Adapted and designed by Peter C. Jackson from the original published by J.K. Green in 1850.

This theatre is for children and adults alike but requires cutting and gluing so children may need an adult's help!

Booklet size 33cm x 31cm.

Printed in the UK.

£12 + pp

packs of 1940s Original Christmas Cards...

Rare and original 1940's Christmas cards, made in Scotland by Allen Lithograph company in the 1940's. The colours used are limited to just 4 or 5 due to shortages of supplies during and after World War 2. This gives the cards an interesting quality.


There are 4 different images mixed in the packs of 12 or 24, each card also has images in side and message. 

£6 + pp

Pack of 3 Traditional Paper Jumping Jacks

Three colourful and jolly jumping jack sheets, with eight characters in total to make! 

Three of the sheets of familiar characters, like Harlequin and Clown, were first published c1860s by Epinal and are reproduced here by Pollock's Toy Museum from the originals. All sheets printed in the UK.

These paper jumping jacks are for children and adults alike but requires cutting and adding a string pulley so children may need an adult's help! 

The pack includes:

  • 3 A4 sheets of 8 Jumping Jack in total,

  • Brass paper fasteners for the joints,

  • String

£8 + pp

Christmas SPecial: Paper Jumping Bear sheet + Colour your own!

Mr Pollock would sell toy theatre sheets "a penny plain and two pence coloured". With this jumping bear designed by Pollock's resident artist Jack Fawrdy Tatham, we are carrying on in this tradition! Here you get one plain sheet for you to colour in yourself and one already coloured!

This is a great winter activity and the finished piece could even be hung on your tree! This two pack means your dancing jumping bear has a dance partner! 

The pack includes:

  • 2 x  A4 sheet of Jumping Bear design (one coloured, one blank)

  • Brass paper fasteners for the joints,

  • String

£4 + pp

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