Toy (Piano) Stories mini concerts

Friday 17th June (15 minute performances every hour on the hour between 11-4pm). 

Saturday 18th June (15 minute performances every hour on the hour between 11-4pm).


Free with Museum tickets

Can't make it? There will also be a longer concert in the evening on Friday 17th 6-7pm. Book here.


EcoEnsemble join Pollock's Toy Museum for two days of concerts. There will be...

- Arrangements of famous Mozart operas (mostly from “The Magic Flute”),

- Original compositions by contemporary composers specially written for flute and toy piano,

- The “Mozart Dice Game”; a music game from the 18th Century, attributed to Mozart, in which the public will be invited to compose a tune “through the medium of two dice without the least knowledge of music or of composition”!

How booking works for this event

 These mini concerts are free with a museum ticket. Book your ticket by using the calendar on this page. There will be performances on the 17th and 18th June every hour on the hour between 11-4pm in the last room of the Museum.


For example, if you book the 3pm or 3:30pm slot you will have time to look around the collection before you arrive in the last room for the 4pm show.


Any questions please email