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Making a Toy Theatre with Chloe Campbell

Saturday 3rd December

Two separate sessions:

2-4pm (sold out)

£55 ticket includes:

Museum Entry (RRP£9)
Redington Toy Theatre (RRP £12)
Papercutting kit
2 hour workshop


GPS_2021-April-26-Toy Museum-066 copy.jpg

Join Chloe Campbell, an artist specialising in the art of paper-cutting, for  2 hour classes where you will cut out your own Redington Toy Theatre. Chloe will teach you how to cut with precision and care for the most elegant construction of your Toy Theatre.

"...The scalpel's smallest mark is the size of a pin prick, to enable a detailed range of shapes. I hold the scalpel like a pencil, so the process has a similar feeling to drawing. I slice away from internal points and corners, trying to keep an even pressure. I tend to work from the middle of the picture,  outwards. As the papercut develops, I might consider changing the design - pausing to refer to other sketches. I'm cautious -  once paper is removed, it can't be re-added!" - Chloe Campbell

Toy Theatres were popular in the Victorian times and consisted of a miniature stage, proscenium, backdrops and characters. The toy museum's namesake Mr Pollock was a Toy Theatre publisher and we are delighted to welcome Chloe to teach this traditional craft through the lens of contemporary paper-cutting. Check out her website here and follow her @chloecampbellart.

This workshop will focus on cutting out the Proscenium (stage front) of a Redington Toy Theatre with the potential to move on to cutting your own backdrop and characters. You will colour and decorate your theatre, taking inspiration from our unrivalled collection of Toy Theatre’s in the Museum collection.

The workshop includes:

-2 hour workshop with Chloe Campbell,

-Entry to the Museum (RRP £9.00)

-A paper-cutting kit (scalpel, spare blades, cutting mat and a guide on How To Paper-cut)

-Redington Toy Theatre (RRP £12.00)

Ticket price: £55.00 

For 14 years + 

Please note medical scalpels will be used during this workshop. 

If you have any questions please contact Emily on

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