About the Trust 

Pollock’s Toy Museum Trust was founded in 1969 as a Registered Charity (No.313622) associated with Pollock’s Toy Museum. It has played a number of roles since that time in association with the family of the museum’s founder, Marguerite Fawdry, including helping to build up the collection through purchases and receiving donations from the public. The collection housed and displayed at the Museum at No.1 Scala Street, London, is split about 50/50

between items belonging to the Trust, and others owned by the Fawdry family.


Donate your toys and stories

Pollocks Toy Museum is full with curios many of which have been donated over the decades. If you have an item you think might find a home in the collection please contact the Trust. Contact the trust:


2021 Lecture Series

Last year the Trust ran a series of online lectures. You can browse the lectures and watch them by clicking the button below.


What's inside the Pollock's Toy Box?

Every month Pollock's Toy Museum curator, Debby Brown, shares objects from the collection sharing insights, knowledge and stories. Follow us on instagram, twitter and facebook and look out for the posts...

Instagram & Facebook: @pollockstoymuseum
Twitter: @PollocksMuseum

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Upcoming Events

For all upcoming events organised by the Trust click the button below.