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As a small and independent museum we rely entirely on ticket sales from our visitors to keep the museum going. Your donations will go toward helping us stay open and expanding our educational events. For more information on what your donations go towards please give us a ring or email us!































Tell your friends and family and visit us!

We'd love to see you! One of the best ways you can support us is to visit us, you won't be disappointed! Read about our unique history here and plan your visit here to see our collection of over 7000 toys housed in two historic London buildings...



Visit our online shop

We have a toyshop at the Museum and we handpick products exclusive to Pollock's Toy Museum for sale on our online shop. Many of the products you see there are produced by us from our archive of Toy Theatres and character sheets. Buying these treasures really does support us as 100% profits go to the Museum because we produce them in house. Peruse our online shop here.

Donate toys

Over the Museum's long history it has received many toys as donations from the public. As we have little space we can't accept all donations and can't guarantee items will be put on display. If you are interested in donating objects of historic interest then please be in touch. If you can email us a picture and description of the donation we can see if it would suitable for display.  Our collections is split between Fawdry Family collection and the Museum's Educational Trust. Upon donation you will be given the option of what collection you wish to donate to. 


If you have experience with writing grant applications and fundraising we want to hear from you! Or perhaps you have some other skills you'd like to share with us! Email Emily and Jack on